Friday, October 8, 2010

By Jove! They've finally done it!

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At long last, technology has caught up with the major desire of high society people everywhere. That is: to keep their shoes from getting dirty. Silver Spoon Transportation, the leader in high class mobility solutions and exotic means of transportation, announces it's opening catalog of luxury vehicles specially selected for the discerning members of royalty, successful business people and other equally wealthy individuals. The catalog includes a variety of state of the art, ostentatious modes of transportation ranging from aerial Hat-o-Copters(tm) to the earth-bound Mobile Ballroom(tm).

"Wealthy people do not want to travel in something the size of their handbag," says Bonaparte DeVille, owner of Silver Spoon Transportation. "They want to travel in something spacious and exciting that matches the size of their personality, while sampling from a $6 million bottle of red wine. This holds true whether they are going to the Opera or attending a banquet with the Pope or the President. And they want to do it without having to be harassed by the envious and the vulgar."

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Silver Spoon Transportation is a privately owned firm and the leading-edge provider of the newest high-class methods for going from point A to point B, because your feet... are beneath you.


Anthony Holden said...

I'm so glad that pun wasn't beneath you. These are great!

Simini said...

So much love for these!