Saturday, May 31, 2008

NAMO: Prince of the Sea Monkeys!

I've been developing an idea that I had the other night about the Prince of the Sea Monkeys who is from a lost city of Sea Monkeys and is trying to avenge their untimely demise. It's not really a serious story (as evidenced by the very PRESENCE of Sea Monkeys). Sort of a tribute to all those old comics, especially the ones with the Fantastic Four and the Sub-Mariner. Once Summer term ends I might try and squeeze it into my free time. It actually spun off the idea I had of Shipwreck and Lobsterboy. Trying to develop a good visual style for it has proved difficult... My original idea wasn't executed very well, so I've been playing with it. This is the latest incarnation, done on my Wacom Tablet:
Due to the diminutive nature of Sea Monkeys his enemies will naturally be small; however, Namo possesses uncanny strength. Well, I better stop now; the more I write about it, the stupider my idea sounds.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Do you see bananaman?

So, for this assignment we were supposed to create a bipedal walk cycle... I placed my man in a banana suit. The question is: is it subconsciously related to the Tally Hall concert I saw on Saturday, or something much more sinister? (ie a potassium deficiency)
Anyway, here it is, for your scrutiny:

In other news, the Tally Hall concert was A LOT of fun. Shannon and I had a blast dancing and going deaf. Other good bands we saw included De Novo Dahl and Carolina Liar.


Tuesday, May 20, 2008

My wife is beautiful...

This picture may not be the most representative of that.

Also she smiles, just not right when I was painting this with my tablet on the computer. I caught her while she was intently cross-stitching.

Friday, May 16, 2008


Here it is for your viewing enjoyment: The Flying Flour Sack!

Hear what the critics are saying about it:

-Ebert and Roper

"It gave me chills..."
-D. U. Isaac of the Chicago Times

"Almost 3 times better than the Amazing Bouncing Ball..."
-P. Mighty of Rolling Stones Magazine

"An adrenaline rush... More exciting than Iron Man."
-G. Strang of WIRED

"I could just watch it over and over again..."
-A hippy

"It's the best movie I've ever seen!"

Thursday, May 15, 2008

And now a word from our sponsors...

More animation coming soon, but FIRST:

I created this poster for work, and since they pay the bills, I suppose I'm just displaying the sponsors. I think the subject matter speaks for itself. I love me a BBQ!!!

PS. I fonted the wiffleball part ma'self!

Stay tuned for some flour sack drop action within the next couple of days!!!!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Hey! Hey!

So here it is... the rough draft of my first animation.  I reckon I have quite the future in store after this....
J/K  In the words of what's his name from Heart of Darkness, "THE HORROR! THE HORROR!!
Oh well, it's my first effort anyway.

Friday, May 2, 2008

Out of Silence...

Whoops! Ya get busy with finals and this is what happens: Weeks in between a single post. Life is a constantly changing ball of weird. But you didn't come here for philosophy, you came here for pictures and stuff!

I created this for a small information thing I have to give at work on how to use this program called "Pinnacle." It seemed boring without a robot or something to liven it up.

FYI: From here on out I'll probably post more sketches than graphics as I'm changing to my major to Animation. Where as placement with a Japanese degree isn't very high, (unless you want to be a translator, which I don't) my Animation teacher was saying that placement in the Animation program is 98%. Why fumble around in darkness trying to find something that I want to do, when I can choose what I want to do now and be almost certain to get a job at it? If only I'd decided this sooner...