Wednesday, December 22, 2010

An Incredible Christmas Special

While perusing through the comic category of Amazon, I noticed that there is now a RED HULK. I realized that this Red and Green combo must be some sort of set up by the marketing team to create a new Christmas special starring the incredible Hulk. I imagine a melancholy soundtrack by the Vince Gauraldi Trio, and in the end, both Hulks learn the true meaning of Christmas, while being fired upon by the US military.

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It should probably be noted that I know nothing about the Red Hulk aside from his color. The last time I read an Incredible Hulk comic, the green Hulk and the grey Hulk were pummeling each other inside of Bruce Banner's mind, while in the real world, Bruce Banner was kicking his own butt and embarrassing himself.


Anthony Holden said...

Red Hulk looks so good-natured--what a friendly chuckle.


Scott C. Gwynn said...

I love the way the red hulk is wiping his tear in the third panel.

Jake Wyatt said...

Hee. Hulk is so stupid. I hear that he's not too bright, either.

Next time I see you I'm going to tell you how many Batmans there are so that you'll make another comic.

For many are the Batmans of Gotham City.