Thursday, April 21, 2011


And now... the moment you've all been waiting for... FUZZY PLANET. Watch first then scroll down for some director's commentary.

Fuzzy Planet from Jeff Call on Vimeo.

So Fuzzy Planet is something that has been floating around in my brain for many months, but by no means in this form. With my experimental animation class, I realized I could take the time to make the short and do something really cool instead of just another episode of Steve and Ringo. Unfortunately, it DID turn into another episode of Steve and Ringo. There were so many problems as I was trying to make this, including the rocket falling off the mountain overnight and problems getting the magnets to get the feet to stick, that I decided to give a tribute to that in the only way I could think how. If you feel disappointed with how the video plays out, imagine how I feel. Maybe someday soon I'll actually make this thing the way it was supposed to be.

I hope you enjoyed taking this experimental journey with me. Your responses have been encouraging and I really feel the desire to continue to do fun stuff like this.


Rapha said...

awesome video Jeff, really fun stuff

Aaron Ludwig said...

This is epic. I feel your disappointment, but I can't help but laugh, especially when Steve or Ringo falls from the rocket.

Brennen said...

That is pure genius!

Anthony Holden said...

Keep it percolating...I wanna see it! (Meanwhile, this is way fun.)

Will Strong said...

I laughed out loud. Nice work.

JAKE said...

Your blog is prolly my favorite blog right now.

Jus' sayin.