Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Sometimes this is just how I feel...

My wife, Shannon, asked me to make a picture for a big group paper she's making that they can put on the cover page. It's about mounting stress because BYU has no spring break (boo).
The attentive person will of course notice the incredible Hulk t-shirt. There are so many great things you can put on a shirt, especially classic superheroes; I started doing Spiderman but opted out for the Hulk. Also I've been working on a new Jeff is Not Artsy Fartsy banner for the top that I think is a little more expressive of what I'm capable of. So hold on, cause it's coming.


Jeff said...

Is the person spewing flame or swallowing flame?

Love the eyes.

I am Chree-uz said...

Flames in, flames out...it's all a buncha physics I don't get.

Talk about heartburn.

I love the Banner! You have inspired me to re-bannerize my own page.