Friday, April 11, 2008


I don't know where this came from... Sometimes you just need to make a bunny in a gas-mask and sometimes you don't. I only wish I knew how to make t-shirts!

BTW, I sent that Baseball graphic to the client (that sounds weird... fellow student maybe?) for his paper and after some who-forgets-to-actually-attach-the-file-to-the-email-anyway confusion I got a good word from him. I guess lots of people dug the graphic and he liked it as well. He even gave me a helpful list of pros and cons (mostly pros). I had fun, that's for sure. Stay tuned! More to come in the future! ZOUNDS!!


Anthony Holden said...

This. Is. Great. I would own this t-shirt.
You know they're moving the screen printing lab into the HFAC soon, don't you?
I don't know who gets access to it, but I'm'onna make me some shurts!

I am Chree-uz said...

Suh weetness broseph! I actually gots the hookups to a screenprinting guy out here in layton, he's had design some shirts for him in the past. Then again, printing them yourself at school is always an option (I don't know how to do it myself either...)