Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Style... And School is Cool.

A week and a half in and school is great. I feel like class doesn't happen often enough. I just want to absorb as much as I can.

Unrelated to school, lately I've begun playing around (in Photoshop) with a certain kind of style. My big inspiration for this is Lou Romano and Scott Morse. I like the sort of stenciled look it has and the way I get to play with color and form. I would love feedback.

This first picture is the one that really started it for me. Before this, I had been mulling it over here and there. Fairly self explanatory.
After that I came up with a whole story based on it, that I catalogued in my sketchbook. This next one was meant to come after revealing the evil creators as "the sinister Martians!" Again it was super fun to play with the form.
I did this next one tonight. Mostly to play with the concept of moonlight. It has no relation topically to the Robot or the Martians.

My wife thought at first it was a tree, then a wolf. I had meant for it to be a werewolf, but apparently I failed. I think it would have been better accomplished if the houses had sunk further below the horizon line of the field, so it would look taller. Anyway, it was fun for an evenings work.

This final pic was an image I was doing to go along with a web makeover contest at work. It got turned down... for shame... Apparently it was too creepy. I thought with a name like "The Ultimate Web Marketing Makeover" it needed something memorable and stark that would stick with people. But I've been known to be wrong.


Anthony Holden said...

I think the shape explorations are really fun--the colors are a little saturated. We'll talk later at school today, where I can share all of my knowledge about approximately 3-4 seconds.

I am Chree-uz said...

The alien one reminds me of something you woulda saw on Earthwork Jim. Not a bad thing at all in my opinion : )
I like messing around in Photoshop. I really need to mess around more...

You've probably seen his stuff already, but have you heard of Ashley Wood? His Zombies vs Robots series is up your alley I think. Assuming you have an alley...of sorts...