Wednesday, May 9, 2012


Imagine you the HULK is grabbing your arms and spinning you around while saying, "SMASH! SMASH! SMASH!"

Here's an image you can open in another tab so it doesn't have the distracting sidebar ephemera.
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Still running on Avengers steam. Inspired to keep dabbling in GIFs by the all-powerful Anthony Holden.

In 6th grade, my best friend, Zach Seeley and I would draw the cockpits of X-wings and AT-STs and pretend we were piloting them, drawing the things we would see through the windows. I like the idea of interacting with these characters like this. Pretend those are your arms.


gweenbrick said...

So awesome! Teach me the magic of making cool gifs like this-any recommendations for easy gif creating software (easy and free?)
I love your drawing style

Jeff C said...

Thanks Gweenbrick. I animated this in Flash CS4 and made sure that it looped. Then took the sequence of images and opened it in After Effects, exporting as a .mov file and then imported into Photoshop and exported as a gif from there. Now that I wrote it out it sounds way more complicated than it felt when I did it. My guess is that you could Occam's Razor the heck out of it and do everything you wanted to do in Photoshop alone. Here's a little step by step by my friend Anthony:

Hope that helps!

Jonny said...

Sweet Jeff! I like to think that I'm He-man & me & the Hulk are playfully taking turns spinning each other. Just something us Muscle-bounds do.

Aaron Ludwig said...

Love this. Looks great! Hulk is so playful.