Friday, May 16, 2008


Here it is for your viewing enjoyment: The Flying Flour Sack!

Hear what the critics are saying about it:

-Ebert and Roper

"It gave me chills..."
-D. U. Isaac of the Chicago Times

"Almost 3 times better than the Amazing Bouncing Ball..."
-P. Mighty of Rolling Stones Magazine

"An adrenaline rush... More exciting than Iron Man."
-G. Strang of WIRED

"I could just watch it over and over again..."
-A hippy

"It's the best movie I've ever seen!"

1 comment:

I am Chree-uz said...

Hey dude that's awesome! Every flying flour I've seen looks just like that! : ) Good job dude, I hope you can get into the program. My school doesn't have an animation program...and I don't feel like starting over somewhere else.... meh...

I recently did a little cartoon of my own though. I put it up on my blog you should check it out.