Saturday, May 31, 2008

NAMO: Prince of the Sea Monkeys!

I've been developing an idea that I had the other night about the Prince of the Sea Monkeys who is from a lost city of Sea Monkeys and is trying to avenge their untimely demise. It's not really a serious story (as evidenced by the very PRESENCE of Sea Monkeys). Sort of a tribute to all those old comics, especially the ones with the Fantastic Four and the Sub-Mariner. Once Summer term ends I might try and squeeze it into my free time. It actually spun off the idea I had of Shipwreck and Lobsterboy. Trying to develop a good visual style for it has proved difficult... My original idea wasn't executed very well, so I've been playing with it. This is the latest incarnation, done on my Wacom Tablet:
Due to the diminutive nature of Sea Monkeys his enemies will naturally be small; however, Namo possesses uncanny strength. Well, I better stop now; the more I write about it, the stupider my idea sounds.

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Jake said...

Jeff, this is a GREAT drawing. Also, the color of your text is horrendous and illegible. But the drawing is still great.