Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Kung Fu Panda is...

Awesomeness!!! I got to see a special free screening in Sandy yesterday, and let me just say that Kung Fu Panda is now one of my all-time favorite CG films!!! From start to finish, it was hilarious, amazing, exciting and even... heart-warming? Dreamworks Animation definitely threw a sucker punch with this one. After the bland Shrek movies (the first isn't bad), and the eco-preachy Bee Movie, Kung Fu Panda shows that they really are capable of amazing flicks! Jack Black did an incredible job of pumping energy into the movie without throwing it over the top. The intro to the movie was great and carried a high-level of "bodacity." And the closing credits were just pur-ty. I want to see it again but, due to budgetary issues, will probably have to wait for the dollar theater. GO SEE IT!

(Kung Fu Panda is the property of Dreamworks Animation. But I wish I'd come up with it.)


Jeff said...

Luckeeeeeey! Can't wait to see it.

I am Chree-uz said...

I whole heartedly agree with this movie's bodacity.

"I see you like to chew things, perhaps you'd like to chew on MY FIST!"