Thursday, November 17, 2011

I'll be at CTN on Saturday

I'll be driving out to CTN in Burbank tomorrow morning with Scott Gwynn and Josh Talbot (sorry Josh, I don't know your blog's URL), and will be there on Saturday, wandering the aisles and feeling diminuitive and inadequate. In preparation I made a (very) mini comic, and printed out about 30. If you're there and want one, let me know and I'll give you one. If you're not going and want one, I can give out however many are left over.

click to enlargenize
I found the whole process to be both exciting and frustrating. There are only about 3 panels in the whole thing that I actually like, but I learned some lessons and will definitely be doing more of these. I loved working in ink. But there's so many problems with it, things I would have fixed and tightened if I hadn't tried to do it all in a couple days. I'm almost too embarrassed to have anyone see these, but we must start somewhere right? Big thanks to Jake Parker for the good advice earlier this week.

Oh, and I'll be posting the whole thing when I get back.

Hope to see everyone at CTN!


Jeff said...

Please bring us a copy at Christmas. Excited for you!

Anthony Holden said...

I'll trade you!! See you there. :)

admin said...
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